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Chicken 65 Masala - Multiserve (150g)

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Fried Chicken Done Right

Most stories trace the origin of Chicken 65 to the Buhari Hotel in Chennai. Where the '65' comes from is debatable with stories claiming 'invented in 1965', 'has 65 spices' & '65 chillis/kg of chicken'. The only point not up for debate is that it is the 'King of appetizers'.
Our spice blend will help you recreate the magic at home!


  • Give the dish a personal touch by modifying the tempering. Here are some inspirations - red chilli sauce, tomato sauce, soy sauce, capsicum.
  • Use boneless chicken thigh meat for a juicier dish.
  • In this dish, texture is as important as the taste. Be generous with the crunchy curry leaves & sliced onions.